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your personal best
your personal best

Have you ever wanted to try something new and difficult and gave up because you thought it was way too hard? Did you look upon others who were doing the same thing with ease? Did that make it look all that harder and you wanted to throw in the towel before even trying?  Well today we’re going to debunk what I call a myth. We’re going to discover, your personal best.

Mount Everest, the Boston Marathon, opening your own business, they all have one thing in common, people have given up these dreams before even trying. They look at it as too hard and they look upon others such as Lance Armstrong or Mark Zuckerberg as naturally born successful achievers. The truth is that nobody is a natural at anything. If you want to learn something you need to work at it. The problem is that we all decide upon a dream, but when we look at the guy or gal next to us and see them soaring while we’re falling it’s then that we decide to give up and that’s the wrong mode of thinking.  Instead, we should be thinking “that’s the level I want to get to!”. Moreover, we also need to look within ourselves and celebrate the personal best and victories we’ve achieved to date. It’ll raise our self esteem and give us reason to take the next steps forward.

You’ve already heard me speak about making the decision to learn to ice skate.  Well as a beginner, I found many moves and techniques to be difficult.  Particularly moving backwards.  Last week I made the conscious decision to learn that move.  So I went to the arena during a public skate and practice.  People were whizzing by me both forwards and backwards, especially people twice my age!  But that’s no reason to give up and go home.

I gave myself little mini-assignments to accomplish to improve my personal best.  Such as try and go from center ice to the blue line and back.  Then to the red line and back. Each time I practiced it more and more and got faster and faster.  Meanwhile people were still whizzing by me.  Finally I have myself a test. To do one entire lap around the arena backwards non-stop……. I did two!

I’m still not the speed demon that those other people are, but I can now say comfortably that I did it. I can skate backwards.  Moreover, I tried this with another move just yesterday and I can now also do crossovers, which is where you turn fast while crossing foot over foot like speed skaters do.

Now there are times where you may have to go back to the basics.  You may need to start over at the beginner level.  Its nothing to be ashamed of.  The best way we learn is when we review and relearn stuff.  Because it leads to reinforcement.  If you look at elementary school as an example, when a child fails a grade and has to repeat it, it can be traumatizing and lead the child to feel inadequate.  Unfortunately, parents and children alike don’t look at the bigger picture.  That in the long term, that child will relearn the material, do even better grade-wise and build up a new sense confidence within themselves  that was probably missing when the took the grade the first time around.  Now with that sense of confidence, how can a child not feel confident that he or she will study better and get good grades in future years?  I personally don’t agree with certain school boards that say we should never fail a child because they will lose their self-confidence.  Its unfortunately a tough pill to swallow in the short term, but with the proper love and support, that child can flourish in the long term.

Going back to my quest to learn how to skate, I was taking intermediate classes where I was learning some cool moves and techniques.  But I felt that I didn’t have the proper balance and I felt that I was lacking the proper posture and technique that some of the more faster skaters had.  So my instructor put me back in the beginner class.  At first I was like, really?   Me?  Why me?  But when I went back to the beginner class, and relearned some of the basics, thats when things really started to take off for me.  A few weeks later, I was back in the intermediate class and haven’t look back.

This experience also gave me an appreciation for why professional sports players get sent to the minors and how much better they become when the return to the majors.

I focused on what I could do and took baby steps to achieve it. By doing this, I was able to move higher, faster and a new personal best everytime! So next time, look within you and ask yourself what can I do next?  I guarantee you’ll be high up in the sky before you know it!

Happy Speeching!


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