Change Making ME 2.0 – Leverage Your Strengths

those around you can help you get there, faster. Based on their own personal experiences and abilities. So their strengths can become
Leverage Your Strengths
Leverage Your Strengths

Today we look at and discover the inner strengths that you never knew you had. You’ll find that these strengths don’t necessarily come directly from you, but instead from those around you. You’ll discover that you don’t need to be an expert in health sciences to become a marathon runner.

You’re going to learn that Their strengths are your strengths, so leverage your strengths!

That you don’t have to do it alone.

In fact those around you can help you get there, faster.  Based on their own personal experiences and abilities.  So their strengths can become your strengths if you leverage their strengths.

So how does this work?

Have you ever been duped?  Cheated? Taken for a ride?

Didn’t feel too good did it? Well I was taken for a ride last august. I was shopping for a new car, a sporty blue hatchback that I’ve been waiting for a long time for. I went to the same dealership I dealt with 5 years earlier, dealt with the same sales manager. Who is now the finance manager. I negotiated hard and walked out with a good deal.  Applied for financing and a few days later, I was talking to the finance manager about the financing and he said:

“Jawaad, we’re having a hard time approving your loan, the bank isn’t convinced you can pay off the loan, they want you to take on job loss protection insurance for $1400 more.”

I didn’t understand, I had good credit and paid off my previous car loans with no issues. In the end I took the insurance, 2 weeks later, I went to pick up the car and sign the paperwork. But something didn’t sit right, the insurance was through a 3rd party and not the bank. But I felt stuck and like it was too late so I signed the paperwork and took the car home. It was then that I read everything, and nothing in my banks finance papers said anything about job loss insurance.

Furthermore, the insurance I was sold was disability, life and other insurances, oh and by the way, page 3 mentions some little blurb on job loss. But all of these insurances indicated that I would have to return the car to take “advantage” of this insurance.  So where’s the benefit in this?

I went to my branch and had a chat with the branch manager.  She told me and confirmed that no such requirement was needed for me to get the loan approved. Furthermore it was against the law here in Canada to offer 1 financial product under the condition that you purchase another financial product.  Against the law! I was very fortunate though that I had a 20 day opt out clause so I opted out and had all of my money returned to me.

But now I felt completely played, totally cheated! They lied to me and I wanted to be compensated for it!

So heres where I leveraged my strengths.

I had a friend, Yasir, who was a former car salesman, he knew the ins and outs of the business
I have a friend, Fawad, who is a lawyer and knows how to write letters that would make you wet your bed at night.

Fawad advised me to draft a letter to the General Manager of the dealership outlining the whole story and how upset I was and he would review it. He ended up rewriting the letter – and boy after he was done with it, I was scared! But two weeks later, the General Manager called me and wanted to meet with me.

So I called Yasir and asked him what I should expect.

Yasir told me that the General Manager would huff and puff, refute my story and offer me something to make me go away.  Yasir also emphasized that I should not accept the first offer no matter what.

So when I met the General Manager, lo and behold, he huffed and puffed, refuted my story and offered me 13 free oil changes. I said I’d think about it, which made him huff and puff more. A few days later, we spoke again and I said those 13 oil changes aren’t going to cut it.  I wanted alloy wheels, fog lights and satellite radio.

You see, Yasir also advised me that in negotiation, that I should have three offers to make. My bare minimum that I would accept. My most ridiculous offer, the one I could make with a straight face. Finally my middle ground offer. The one I would be happy with.

In my case, the ridiculous offer would be all three items, my bare minimum would be only one of these items and of course my middle ground would be two of the three items.

Well he huffed and puffed some more and agreed to the middle ground offer by offering me fog lamps and satellite radio.

So here we leveraged our strengths and won!

Now how can you leverage your strengths?

Well look within you and around you.  Who do you know?  friends, family acquaintances, even the hot dog guy around the corner.  Everyone has a strength so leverage the right ones. Use your LinkedIn contact list, it outlines everything your contacts are great at.

You too can achieve success by utilizing this tool.  This way of thinking.

Look at your strengths and leverage your strengths.

It is in you!

Because if you don’t leverage those strengths, you’ll end of reinventing the wheel.  But if you do, doors will open for you that you never knew were possible.  So leverage those strengths!


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